Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light." - Helen Keller

Dear Friend,

Today, I was alone. Broken. Never would I have thought at my darkest moment, eyes filled with tears, heart torn apart and stomped upon, that those few words you said could make such a tremendous difference.

For the past few years that I’ve known you, albeit quite a short amount of time, we’ve had so many wonderful moments together. When I’m with you, I can be myself, without even thinking about if you were judging me for being silly, disgusting, loud, straightforward or petty. We may have had our differences and our share fair of arguments but all of these has made our friendship so strong, it’s almost unbreakable. Few years ago during a camp, a pastor gave our group an exercise to do. We were given a glass plate and he made us drop the plate and shatter it. Then he gave us a stick of super glue and asked us to put the pieces back together. It wasn’t an easy task because the plate was shattered to so many little pieces. As soon as we managed to finally fix it back together, he then asked us to drop the plate and break it again. This time however, to our surprise, the plate didn’t break. And what he said next is what I want to tell you now. “Friendship is as fragile as glass and can be easily broken, but if you painstakingly take the time to put it back together, it will only become stronger. Don’t you think what he said was true? =)

Today, I was alone. Broken. But then I realized, I had you. So thank you for sharing your time, your friendship, your life and your love with me. You will always be special to me. Many hugs. You know who you are.



Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Oh toilet bowl dearest, I really do not miss you much.

Who knew that it was already a week since the mass diarrhoea attack in AIMST. Lol
I didn't realise it's already Wednesday (which means the cafeteria serves chicken rice from town) until I actually saw the chicken rice when I went to get dinner. That means I have to buck up in study! I was suppose to start 2 weeks ago btw. So today I must at least finish my english literature assignment and study at least 1.5 sets of notes!! So I'm gonna make this entry quick. :)

(sorry for the shaky pic...blame the photographer WWS)

Meet Nikole Ng Pei Ying. I always wanted her to choose Mary as her english name but she refused! To holy for her anyway. Haha. Had supper with this women after not seeing her for ages! Shes always hiding in her room -__- Anyway, we had drinks at this place called Love and Freedom in Sp. Doesn't the name of the cafe sound like it should be on a box of condoms?? Hahahaha. But I wouldn't go there again, lousy music and not so awesome food. And the drinks were so sweet until WahSeng said "Wow, the price of sugar must have gone down!" -__-

Ahhh.. The infamous chicken rice. Now all I gotta do is pray that I have enough toilet paper... Just in case.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Like a dog meowing.

I am so addicted to Britain's Got Talent!!!
Ahhh gimme gimme more! Lololol.
If you do not already know what this show is all about, you must have been living under a rock. ;p
I'm sure you've at least heard of the infamous Susan Boyle right?
Yea yea she has a great voice, but seriously, she looks like Shrek! Ahhhh!

Well, the show is aimed to find a performer to perform for the Queen on the Royal Variety Show. They acts range from singing to dancing to flower arranging (-______-). This was last year's winner.

There are so many really awesome singers and dancers so far this year, but this has gotta be the most unexpected one by far!

He's really good!!! :)))))))

Anyway, I attempted to study again today. Travelled all the way to the study area. Studied 5 pages of Pharmaco. Then we ate junk food.

And then proceeded to the cafe for supper. 2 hours later, we decided we that we were tired so all of us went home. The end. LOL!

Some random pictures taken during supper. Gerviene


Aik Munn

Su Hean


Few more pictures magically disappeared. Hmmm.
So, in the end, STUDY=FAIL.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hmm, what should I wear to class tmr? (Tittle has nothing to do with this entry)

You know what, I think I will update once a week or something.
At the rate I'm updating now, once a week is still a tad bit better. Lol.

Today is one of my "Happy days", where I feel happy, look happy, do happy things like paint my toenails, sleep and attempt random facebook quizes, and also say happy things like "Hey baby, lets get freaky tonight". Ok, you don't wanna know about the last one. Trust me. ;p

Ok, time for pictures. So let's pick up where we left of eh.

Look, alcohol! Darn I miss the days where I could party all night. I feel so old saying that. Hahahaha.

Ok, I think this was the day I realised that finals is coming up very very soon!
So much to study, yet so little time! (yet, still got time to do random quizes on Facebook. Sly)

Oh, Batch 3 had a barbeque! We celebrated Shih Lin's birthday at her place and had a BBQ and potluck party. Thanks yea everyone who layan-ed my late night smses forcing you all to bring food for the party. Heh. And thanks to all the people who helped with the BBQ, I know you guys were hot and sticky after that. (but hot and sticky=sexy right?? haha). The picture is of the trial run of BBQed sausages (thats why it's burnt -__-). And Shih, I really hoped you enjoyed yourself. Sarong forever! ;p

I was then ALMOST admitted to the hospital due to horrible gastric attacks. I hate having gastric. It's like the worst penyakit ever. The only reason I wasn't admitted was because the hospital had no vacant beds that night. Lucky me! And while I was dying in pain, Gerv was lusting over a hot doctor in the emergency room. -__-

Amalina suddenly decided to drive to Butterworth for dinner. So after our meal, we went to a nearby beach called Pantai Bersih. Albeit being not-so-bersih, it was still really nice to feel the sand between my toes after a long long time :)

The ADSA committee finally had a prize giving ceremony for ADSAlympics 2009. Although I did not win any medals, we did win a hamper for cheerleading :)

And this was in the hamper :) We opened up the hamper during our Phamacology review session and you should have seen the joy in Dr.Mohanty's face when Gerv offered some jellies and tidbits to him! Hahaha So cute!

This, is the Big Book of Acrylic Teeth. Its so pretty!! So many teeth!!! These are the teeth we use to make dentures. There were a variety of differents sizes, shapes and also shades of teeth! The last time I checked, mine was like the second whitest shade! Yayy ;p

Mr Mansur and The Big Book of Acrylic Teeth.

A close up of some of the teeth.

Yesterday we had a gianormous movie date! 13 of us in attendance! We watched Angels and Demons :) Honestly, after reading the book, the movie wasn't as exciting as it could have been. I already knew the ending :( Oh btw, note the picture. Look at the green dude behind Sylvia who is standing on the left! Hahahaha

Oh and I have recently been slathering lotion on myself like nobody's business. I was talking to Ah Kai the other day, and he mentioned that it's important for girls to apply lotion everyday. And I always have been so lazy, thus I am making up for lost time by applying super a lot on myself now. So don't be surprised if you hug me and I slip away. Kthanksbai.