Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bus Crash No More

By now, most of you would have known about the slim river bus crash on the 25th of January. The tragedy killed 3 young people who had a bright future ahead of them. Personally, I witnessed the accident scene probably a mere 2 or 3 minutes after the crash. It was frightening to see so many people trying to make their way out of the bus through windows and emergency exits. Our bus driver only stopped for a few seconds and then we left the scene. But only one thing was going through my head at this point, "It could have been us."

Now, even the thought of taking the stupid bus back to SP this Sunday scares me. According to some people, the driver was texting on his phone when he lost control. Even on my journey back from SP last week, the driver of our bus was smoking and talking on his cell just a few minutes after we passed the crash scene. What on earth are they thinking???

A petition has been set up to demand that the relevant authorities set up a committee consisting of road safety experts and representatives from relevant public bodies to conduct a thorough study to find effective solutions to ensure that mistakes like this do not occur again in the future. This petition ensures that we will not be quiet until we see it in the media that satisfactory measures have been taken.

To sign the petition,please click here :
and submit your FULL NAME(as in IC. Please don't use your nicknames or initials) and e-mail. It will beconsidered one e-signature upon completion. Alternatively, please send your FULL NAME and IC NUMBER to Please do not leave initials or nicknames, only full name is accepted.

Hopefully, our voice will be heard through this so please sign it people. We also pray for the souls of those who have perished in this horrible tragedy. May they rest in peace.

So I urge you people out there who haven't signed it already, to please do. We need all the support we can get. This is for you as well.


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